2017 Advertising Trends: The Top Five

2016 proved a banner year for digital advertising, while a few tried and true favorites remained strong and steady. With more people than ever before going digital, understanding 2017 advertising trends is crucial for preparing this year’s ad campaign. Here are five noteworthy trends that are dominating advertising in today’s digital world.

Immersive Experience Content

Gone are the days when you could rely on providing your consumers with entertaining and informative content. That is still a necessity, but now consumers are craving an experience that takes them beyond staring at their mobile phone or laptop screens. They want to feel like they are part of the experience and market innovators are rising to that challenge. This new trend is being pushed forward by new and constantly emerging technologies. Cutting-edge advertisers are jumping on the newest technology of 360-degree videos, which was introduced on both YouTube and Facebook. Whether you offer 360-videos, live webinars, or site-specific forums, the key is making your target customers feel like they are interacting with the content you are providing.

Condensed Content

These days, attention spans seldom even last for a thirty-second ad, yet alone an entire article that has to be read. Short attention spans are one trend that isn’t going anywhere and will only get worse as emerging technology is presented. Digital readers have an infinite choice of what to spend their attention on, especially as social media and their various platforms continue to expand. As stated above, content creation is still vital for advertising, but for any marketer that wants to stay relevant, content must be condensed with every headline, every word and every line creating maximum impact.

Live Video Offerings

Nothing goes viral on the web faster than a video, and now that platform has taken things to a whole new level with live video. Live video was first introduced on Meerkat and quickly become the Internet’s favorite new novelty. There is no doubt that live-streaming is a tough business as Meerkat recently announced their grand idea was already failing them as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter quickly swayed early users away from Meerkat by offering live video of their own. However, many brands will still want to get involved in this trend as it makes a brand stand out in the overly saturated content world. Live video has been slowly climbing in popularity over the last few years, but 2017 looks like the year it will really break loose and dominate digital advertising.

The Advance of Augmented Reality

From gaming apps to GPS, augmented reality (AR) is a trend that continues to rise. While Pokémon Go is most likely the type of AR that most people recognize, there are several other examples that also show users are readily accepting this new type of reality as well as how much revenue one stands to make when it is done correctly. At its peak, Pokémon Go brought in over $10 million a day, a number that few people would have predicted. IKEA has an app that allows people to see which type of furniture will look best in their home and De Beers introduced an app that allows individuals to see how jewelry from selected collections look in certain lights and on certain skin tones. Likewise, the Shiseido AR mirror app allows women to see what they would look like using various cosmetic products. Users are loving the experience with these types of apps, so expect to see brands capitalizing on AR apps that already exist and introducing new AR games and ads in 2017.

Landing Pages

In the last few years, landing pages have cemented themselves as a valuable marketing tool and are one of those 2017 advertising trends that will continue to rise in popularity. Marketers are enjoying the most success with whitepapers and e-books, according to a report put forth by State of Digital Marketing. You may be wondering what that has to do with landing pages, but when you consider where consumers are getting those e-books and whitepapers, it makes perfect sense. Usually, these are offered in exchange for answering a call to action, such as signing up for a monthly newsletter, e-mail notifications or for providing their home mailing address. If one of your goals for 2017 is to increase lead generation, a landing page is an invaluable tool to utilize to its fullest extent. Additionally, per statistics offered by EyeView’s digital brochure, you can create up to an 86% conversion rate just by adding video to your landing page.

A few trends that have remained true and steady, and will continue to do so in 2017, are creating content that is available through mobile devices and continuous accessibility to video feeds.

These trends are extrapolated from last year’s trends, what market innovators are interested in and developing, and which trends are worthy of getting big investments from top brands.


2017 Advertising Trends: The Top Five