CES 2017: Top Ten Product Innovations And Other Important News

The Consumer Electronics Show is the largest tech show in the world. Some of the many key innovations it introduced to a global audience include videocassette recorders, camcorders, CD players and the Xbox. Given its track record, it is not surprising that CES is expected to agenda for tech trends in 2017 and beyond.

If you want to know where technology is heading in the near future, check out the following top ten products from CES 2017.

Honda Riding Assist

Honda Riding Assist is a bike that stands upright without support, can handle maneuvers that would topple regular motorbikes and is even able to drive itself. While the final price tag for this fascinating means of transportation is unknown, Honda Riding Assist technology certainly has the potential to make transportation both safer and more accessible for people the world over.

PowerRay Drone

The PowerRay is an underwater drone that can travel up to 30 meters underwater. Its goal is to enable recreational fishermen to track fish using sonar. However, it is not hard to envision this product becoming popular with commercial fishermen as well, especially if the cost falls below the initial $3,000 price tag.

LG Wallpaper TV

Appropriately known as “W”, LG’s wallpaper TV can be attached to a wall with magnets and gives viewers the impression they are looking through a window rather than watching television. The “W” is currently available in 65 inch and 77 inch sizes.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm’s marketing of its new Snapdragon 835 flagship processor was clearly successful at CES 2017. The device wowed the public with its ability to drastically reduce vibrations in video recording, provide positional audio detection and filtering, support advanced machine learning and much more.

NVidia GeForce Now

NVidia’s GeForce Now offers the ability to host games on NVidia itself, enabling those who cannot afford an expensive PC to still enjoy playing video games that have high bandwidth requirements. The fact that various price points are offered depending on how much power is needed is sure to make this innovation a winner.


PicoBrew is a small yet dazzling homebrew kit that can create up to five liters of beer in just a few hours. What is more, it offers over three dozen beer options for users to pick from. It also has an efficient cleaning system that keeps all working parts sanitized. While Anheuser-Busch and Keurig are advertising their collaboration on a similar device, PicoBrew remains a product that is worthy of admiration.

Moro Robot

A robotic personal servant is no longer a thing of the past thanks to the innovative Moro Robot. This robot can do literally all your chores and comes with a voice and facial recognition device so it can learn who is commanding it at any given time. The only drawback is that the price tag is a whopping $30,000.

Vuzix Glasses

Google Glass may have flopped but that does not mean the concept of smart glasses is unpopular with the general public. Vuzix Glasses were a spectacular entry to CES 2017 and feature an array of capabilities. The glasses are coupled with Android devices and enable a wearer to watch and record videos, get directions, read text messages and take photos. The ultimate price tag is unknown but will almost certainly have an impact on how popular these glasses eventually become.

Little Fish Smart Speaker

Baidu’s Little Fish Smart Speaker stands out because it is one of the few products of its kind that does not rely on Amazon’s ubiquitous Alexa System. At the same time, these speakers have plenty of features to engage any tech-savvy person. The final cost and availability of these speakers is currently unknown but they are expected to be as popular in China as Amazon Echo is in the United States. This is no small feat considering that China is a vast market of over 1 billion people with steadily growing per capita income and spending power.

Raphael Smart Glove

The Raphael Smart Glove has been available to medical establishments around the world for some time. Even so, its showcasing at the CES 2017 Tech show is still worthy of mention. Its ability to help rehabilitate stroke patients by tracking motion and improvement via sensors is well documented and the fact that the glove can now be rented by individuals for under $100 is sure to make it even more popular than it already is.

A Final Assessment

Some have noted that product innovation at CES 2017 was underwhelming. Such individuals point out that the Internet of Things has not become as practical or desirable as was predicted at CES 2016. Even so, this year’s tech show did not disappoint as it clearly showed that many companies are bold enough to try out of the box ideas. The show has also made it plain that technology is becoming an increasingly larger, more important part of daily living.


CES 2017: Top Ten Product Innovations And Other Important News