Decrease Abandoned Cart Numbers With These Tips

You’ve worked hard to develop an eye catching website, stock it with incredible merchandise and advertise your site. Every day, shoppers browse and fill their carts with items. Some shoppers proceed to checkout while others abandon their carts and never follow through with their purchases. Whether it’s because they got distracted, decided to comparison shop or another reason, learning effective ways to decrease abandoned cart numbers is crucial to increase eCommerce sales and boost eCommerce revenues. After all, industry data shows a whopping 81% of eCommerce shoppers leave an abandoned cart. Here are some proven ways to improve abandoned cart numbers and bring in more sales.

1. Make Sure Your Transactions Forms Display Trust Logos
When you ask buyers to fill out the purchase transaction form, you are asking them to entrust you with their personal and financial information. Take the extra step of displaying trust logos like VeriSign, McAfee Secure or other well-known security monitors to make your customers feel safe sharing their information. This is an important step in your eCommerce marketing as industry research shows 61% of online shoppers did not make a purchase because a security trust logo wasn’t displayed on the page.

2. Offer a Variety of Payment Options
Checkout needs to be as seamless and easy as possible. Limiting payment options to just one or two forms will add a level of difficulty to the transaction most shoppers simply won’t try to overcome. Offering credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Wallet payment makes it easy for your customers to do business with you.

3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Include a thumbnail image of each item in the cart to help solidify the purchase. Unlike shopping in a brick and mortar store, online shoppers cannot see and touch the items in their cart. A thumbnail image will help keep shoppers focused, reinforce desire and remind them of why they started the online shopping process in the first place.

4. Make it Easy to Switch from Store to Cart and Back
If you’re requiring your customers to hit the back button to get out of the cart and back to shopping, you’re losing customers and sales. Your site needs to make it easy for shoppers to save items in their cart and get right back to shopping. Create an intuitive cart storage and return to shopping system customers can easily and quickly navigate. If you require your shoppers to do this work for you, you will never decrease abandoned cart numbers. Shoppers came to your site shop, not to work so don’t require them to do any more than absolutely necessary.

5. Don’t Blow it at Checkout
Some online retailers require shoppers create an account with them before they can check out. While it’s true this can give you valuable information and data on your shoppers, it is an extra step and the hassle is often enough to make shoppers abandon their carts. In fact, 14% of online shoppers cite a lengthy checkout process as the reason they abandoned carts and did not go through with the purchase.

6. Give Your Shoppers Peace of Mind with a Money Back Guarantee
Since shoppers cannot see and touch their online purchases, they are often unsure about what they are buying and if it is exactly what they need, want or expect. Take away their fear and hesitation by offering a no questions asked, no hoops to jump through money back guarantee. Being confident enough in your merchandise to back it unconditionally will help buyers feel confident about doing business with your site.

7. Be Transparent in Disclosing All Costs and Delivery Times
Burying your shipping costs in fine print or adding on handling charges and other fees will always backfire. Research shows a full one third of shoppers abandon carts because of unexpected or unclear shipping costs or delivery times.

8. Target Cart Abandoners with Remarketing Campaigns
No matter how well you do the above mentioned tasks, you will have shoppers who abandon their carts. It is imperative that you reach out to them with remarketing campaigns. Facebook, Bing and Google ads are smart ways to remarket to buyers who came close to finalizing the purchase but ended up abandoned their carts instead. Remarketing campaigns will help win back customers you lost before they completed the checkout process and help boost your eCommerce revenues.


Decrease Abandoned Cart Numbers With These Tips