Top 10 digital agencies

  • Deutsch Inc – Los Angeles – #1
    Deutsch Inc – Los Angeles – #1

    Deutsch Inc

    “We’re deutsch. Not Germany. Or the Bank”


    WE’RE EXPLORERS, BUILDERS, AND PROACTIVE IDEALISTS. Creative people who want to make a dent in the world. Solving complex problems, sometimes just for the sport of it.We call this “Garage Spirit”
    and all of us have it. Our clients. Our people. Our leaders.
    We might come from different places, and bring different talents to the table, but we’re all here for the same reason. To invent the most original + shareable work in the world. With the smartest people we know.

    5454 Beethoven St
    Los Angeles, CA 90066
  • Los Angeles – #2
    Los Angeles – #2


    “The Marketing Agency for the Modern World”


    We believe consumers lead and brands follow. And in this C2B world, iCrossing helps our clients unleash their potential. We unleash the potential of your brand, people, expertise, technology, data and ideas.

    C2B success means planning around people, not products. We create contextually relevant brand stories and adaptive user experiences that deliver superior business results.

    3000 Ocean Park Blvd
    Santa Monica CA 90405
  • Los Angeles – #3
    Los Angeles – #3


    “Inspired By Tough”


    At KBS we are inspired by the tough stuff. We believe we have the creative courage and the critical capabilities to solve any problem you bring to us. It might not be easy, but it is possible. Simply put we love a challenge and we rise to them. We have proven we can beat tough odds to deliver truly transformative results. Time and time again.

    3535 Hayden Ave. Suite 350
    Culver City, CA 90232
  • Los Angeles – #4
    Los Angeles – #4

    Show Media Outdoor

    “You’re Amazing. We should talk.”


    Show Media, an INC 500 company four years in a row, is the world leader in interactive Digital Network delivering custom brand oriented content and reaches 100 million taxicab passengers per year in the United States and China.

    1100 Glendon Ave, Suite #PH9
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Los Angeles – #5
    Los Angeles – #5


    “We are Mirum. And we never lose our sense of wonder.”


    In January 2015, eleven regional agencies, each a part of the J. Walter Thompson Company, came together. A new global agency was born to change the future of marketing and advertising. As one, we embrace new possibilities and the ‘what-ifs’. We bring a pioneering force of innovation and transformation into creativity and business. We exceed the expectations of ‘agency’.

    2920 S. Sepulveda Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • Los Angeles – #6
    Los Angeles – #6


    “We put brands in culture.”


    Mission is a global team of pioneering reputation-makers who create the most inspiring, innovative, motivating and accurate consumer engagement strategies for brands in all markets, through all channels. Our continued success proves that the bravest ideas create the strongest relationships, both between us and our clients, and between brands and their audiences.

    9255 W Sunset Blvd Suite 1010
    West Hollywood CA 90069
  • Los Angeles – #7
    Los Angeles – #7

    Sapient Nitro

    “Hi, we’re Sapiennitro”


    We’re a bunch of restless and curious, creative, smart and passionate people looking to reimagine what is possible when technology and story meet. Our collaborative culture celebrates breakthrough ideas and the diverse people who dream them and make them real through a unique connectedness of perspectives and disciplines. In a world defined by rapid-fire seismic shifts in the way people live and the tools at their disposal, we believe that a culture that celebrates transformation – and the power of human potential to shape it – is the optimal breeding ground for progress. When you connect the right mix of minds and passions, and give them a place to change the world, they do. .

    3211 Olympic Boulevard
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Los Angeles – #8
    Los Angeles – #8


    “We create meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling.”


    Founded in 1999 in Stockholm by five friends, we’re now an extended family of over 170 designers, developers, writers, strategists, and producers across six offices around the world.

    2221 Lincoln Blvd
    Venice, CA 90291
  • Los Angeles – #9
    Los Angeles – #9

    Deep Focus

    “We Build Culturally Connected Brands”


    We are a global, digitally led creative agency focused on building brands that connect to and draw momentum from the culture that shapes consumers’ lives. These are the culturally connected brands. Culturally connected brands outperform their categories. They don’t interrupt culture, they make it. And they connect to consumers’ hearts and minds, forging a relationship that is both valued and valuable to everyone.

    6922 Hollywood Blvd
    Hollywood, CA 90028
  • Los Angeles – #10
    Los Angeles – #10

    Active Theory

    “Creative Digital Production”


    We’re a small, tightly integrated team that focuses on performance and attention to detail. After opening in 2012 we have worked on some of the most awarded projects in the industry.

    615 Hampton Drive
    Venice CA 90291