Top 10 digital agencies

  • Miami – #1
    Miami – #1


    “Creativity at work”


    As a visionary agency, our journey began in 2002 and we’ve been building Brands ever since. Imagery‘s secret is in its people. We are creatively bright, technologically sound and strategically in-tuned.

    Imagery is vested in the success of our clients’ business because we care. Our passion drives us to methodically examine market dynamics and understand the importance of consumer behavior. Imagination is our biggest asset and our reach is limitless.

    7400 SW 50th Terrace Suite 207
    Miami, Florida 33155
  • Miami – #2
    Miami – #2

    Ronin Advertising

    “Agency of change”


    Living brands connect. They grow, change, evolve and thrive. They tell stories that change our perceptions and transform the way we live.

    At Ronin Advertising, we transform ordinary, stagnant brands into living, breathing brands.

    400 University Drive, Suite 200
    Miami, FL 33134
  • Miami – #3
    Miami – #3

    GMG Advertising

    “Breeding humanlike ideas”


    The Gorilla Marketing Group is a fierce troop of experienced and professional minds banding together to breed human-like ideas.

    Led by their silverback, GMG Advertising seeks to cultivate new strategies and concepts that generate positive results, while preventing brand extinction.

    13500 N. Kendall Dr. Suite 115
    Miami, Florida 33186
  • Miami – #4
    Miami – #4

    Creative On Demand

    “Strategically creative solutions for today’s total market.”


    Creativity is about outsmarting your competition. Not outspending it.At Creative On Demand we create brand propositions consumers can’t refuse.

    We create a type of buzz that can’t be dismissed.In doing so we also generate results, ROI, accolades, awards and happy customers in the process.

    2601 S. Bayshore Drive Suite 1400
    Coconut Grove, FL 33133
  • Miami – #5
    Miami – #5


    “We are brand builders”


    You are not just hiring a creative ad team, you are acquiring a marketing partner with a proven track-record in delivering effective campaigns that bring results and improve your bottom line.

    OutOfTheBlue is a modern day marketing agency. We are industry leaders and creative minds with in-depth consumer understanding and a passion to shape effective marketing strategies and ideas into viable, living breathing solutions.

    Our tools? Powerful creative content and messages in all types of media including digital, interactive, print, broadcast and outdoor. Our experience gives us an edge in helping you unleash your brand’s full potential. We excel in telling your story in the most compelling way, building consumer loyalty and getting people to love and buy your brand.

    2424 S. Dixie Highway, Ste. 100
    Miami, Florida 33131
  • Miami – #6
    Miami – #6

    Alonso & Co

    “Creative that works”


    How many times have you heard this “out-of-the-box thinking” and “great work.” Everybody says the same thing, so much so, that they have become clichés in our industry.

    The way we see it, it’s all about compatibility. The question is, are we right for each other? Do we have the right mindset and thinking to complement your company’s goals? Look through our clients’ comments, and if it feels right, contact us.

    1235 Coral Way
    Miami, FL 33145
  • Miami – #7
    Miami – #7

    Green Dot

    “When good enough simply isn’t”


    Advertising and marketing is a process. Design and development is followed by analysis and optimization. However the degree to which these efforts are successful depends on people, and their ability to collaborate.

    At Green Dot, we are a team. Creatives and marketers work together during the design and development process of the digital platform and the ad creative. Then we huddle up to analyze and optimize active campaigns to improve results. Results that everyone owns.

    5400 NE 4th Court, Studio 3A
    Miami, FL 33137
  • Miami – #8
    Miami – #8


    “Obsessed with work that actually works”


    We are a full-service, Top 25 independent agency. And we take our independence quite seriously. We answer to clients. Not shareholders. Not holding companies. Not stuffed shirts in foreign countries.

    From education and healthcare to tourism and recreation, our work inspires people to improve their lives in big ways and small. Whether that means an annual mammogram, a college degree, or an epic adventure. And unlike many agencies, our work is crafted with one thing – and only one thing – in mind: impacting business results. BVK is where boardroom smarts collide with disruptive creative thinking.

    848 Brickell Ave, Suite 430
    Miami, FL 33131
  • Miami – #9
    Miami – #9


    “An Integrated Interactive & Digital Marketing Agency With a Conscience”


    This is where the magic happens.

    Created in 2009 with a mission to be catalysts for progress and to transform the way people experience life via brands they love, our team obsess over creating experiences that resonate with people in an authentic way. We stay up late and come in on weekends; all because, our team is your brand’s biggest advocate.

    2333 Ponce De Leon Blvd. Suite 1104
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
  • Miami – #10
    Miami – #10

    Brain Switch Ad

    “Big ideas rooted in business strategy”


    We are a creative agency with a marketer’s mentality, focused on making your bottom line a priority.

    We deliver big agency talent and results with the personal attention of a small agency. We believe there’s no traditional or unconventional media, just the right media for your brand.

    1983 Tigertail Blvd.
    Dania Beach Fl 33004