The Mainstays: Design Trends That Are Still Going Strong

Everyone wants to create the new ‘it’ design trend, but the mark of true innovation is a design element that can stand the test of time.

Before you set about shaking up the world of design, take note of the elements and techniques that have had (or likely will have) a lasting impact on the way we design.

Hamburger Menus & Hidden Navigation

Hamburger menus and condensed or hidden navigation give your site a cleaner appearance, while helping you save screen space. This is particularly important when considering mobile browsing, which is becoming increasingly more common. Hamburger menus are popular enough at this point that there is little worry that viewers won’t recognize the symbol.

Keep in Mind: This navigation technique can reduce discoverability, so be sure there is a way for visitors to reach each page with relative ease.

Large Images, Videos & Carousels On The Homepage

An expertly curated image or video display is almost always going to be one of the more engaging ways you can greet a new web visitor. Not only do images and videos add visual interest, but they can also help provide a cleaner look that makes the site appear less cluttered.

Keep in Mind: Deploying many images on your site can have the adverse affect of hiding content and affecting SEO if not handled properly.

Responsive Design

There’s no way around it: this is the new standard of digital design. With mobile browsing becoming increasingly more common (and even dominant), designers need to be able to accommodate for many different screen sizes. The scalability of responsive design makes it quick and efficient, meaning you don’t even have to design specifically for every screen or device. As an added bonus, it’s actually cheaper to build a mobile-friendly site.

Vintage Looks

While it can take on many forms, modern style meeting vintage flair is often characterized by core graphic design principles like clean (sometimes minimalist) layouts, strong typography, and attention to detail/decoration. This style is ideally suited for corporate identities, adding an air of class, and print design (e.g. heavy business cards, labels, invitations, etc.).


Storytelling is that little something extra that can make your brand stand out. A unique (but still highly functional) layout can establish a connection between your brand and your consumer, and compelling content presentation can build an emotional bond that helps increase loyalty and sales.


The Mainstays: Design Trends That Are Still Going Strong