Continue Learning: Design Talks We Love

Even the most accomplished designers have new techniques to learn and styles to try out. We love seeing the innovative ideas and new design practices being offered up by our industry peers, and we make it a priority to learn from their lead to better our own work.

The following three videos are among our favorite design talks on the web. Check them out today, and maybe you’ll be able to try out one of their suggested techniques tomorrow.

15 Lessons From 15 Years In UX
Jesse James Garrett
(2014 Smashing Conference NYC)

There’s little substitute for hands-on experience, and a decade and a half as a UX professional has shown Jesse James Garrett both the highs and the lows. Garrett uses this presentation to reflect on the knowledge he’s gained about working with teams, delivering great UX work, managing stakeholders, and reaching solutions that break the mold for common design problems.

Panel Discussion: What Makes Great Product Design?
Speakers: Braden Kowitz of Google Ventures; Leland Rechis of YouNow; Liz
Danzico of NPR; Kim Bost of Dropbox; Katie Dill of Airbnb
(SPAN NYC 2015)

Google Ventures and its design arm hosted SPAN NYC 2015, which was a conference fostering conversations about design and technology.

One of the hosted panels was a discussion on the art and practice of spurring innovation for new products. Joining the Google team to share past experiences and a wealth of expertise was Leland Rechis of YouNow, Liz Danzico of NPR,

Kim Bost of Dropbox, and Katie Dill of Airbnb. The great thing about this talk is the variety and range of insights offered.

Designing How We Design
Kim Goodwin
(From Business To Buttons Conference)

Kim Goodwin is a UX Design Executive at one of the most influential UX agencies in the U.S. Having experience deploying agile, waterfall, and “agile-fall” for startups and Fortune 100 companies alike, Goodwin is moving past straightforward design problems like user understanding to more difficult issues like making expert recommendations more readily adopted.

Goodwin is the author of “Designing for the Digital Age” and is uniquely positioned to help you organize your design process.


Continue Learning: Design Talks We Love