Hot Off The Press: 5 Tips For Writing Better Copy

We focus much of our attention at Top 10 Digital Agencies on design, but we’d be remiss to ignore copy.

While design is a great tool for luring an audience in, the content and copy are going to tell them what they need to know and actually sell your brand, service, or idea.

Great copy is the product of editing and refinement over time, but we have a few tips to help you write better copy right from the start.

Know Your Audience
Before you even put pen to paper or start typing, do your homework. Understand your audience, research key demographics, and get a feel for their drivers and motivating factors. This will help you cut to important ideas and feelings faster, and allow you to speak their language after researching the type of content they already consume.

Formatting Matters
One of the key crossovers with design, the placement and formatting of each copy block matters. Bullets and quick facts are going to be easier for readers to digest, but complete sentences and paragraphs allow you to paint a fuller picture.
Find a nice balance to keep the reader engaged while delivering on copy goals and improving audience comprehension.

Headlines Should Be Compelling
Otherwise, why should they click or continue reading? The shorter the better, but be sure to include an actionable word and reader benefit where possible. E.g. Boost Search Results With Better Copy, 5 Tips For Professional Copy, etc.

Avoid Jargon
This goes hand in hand with knowing your audience. Incorporating widely accepted industry terminology can lend credence to your writing, but overly technical copy loaded with niche phrases and thesaurusized words is off-putting and difficult to follow for readers. In most cases, the best rule is to write general audience copy as if for a layman.

Keep It Concise & Clear
Your readers’ time is valuable, so don’t waste it. A clear, singular message will leave your reader feeling confident that they understand your brand or idea, allowing them to take action. Rambling copy that tries to present every possibility or angle can be confusing, deterring readers from engaging because they’re afraid they don’t understand. Keep your copy simple and to the point.


Hot Off The Press: 5 Tips For Writing Better Copy

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